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Waste Management

The rollout of the new Shropshire recycling collection service will begin in the Bridgnorth area on Monday 27th February.  The service will have two new elements.  Firstly, the collection of cardboard with paper in a 75 litre, reusable blue bag.  Secondly, residents will no longer need to present  glass bottles and jars in a separate box to the plastics and metal containers, so these can be mixed in whatever way is convenient which may reduce the number of boxes needed.

Veolia will begin delivery of the blue bags in the Bridgnorth area on Monday 13th February, and these will be accompanied by a leaflet which explains the service and gives more information on the waste service as a whole. Please find a copy of the leaflet is attached for your information, along with a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

There will also be a new initiative to assist residents in flats and other properties with shared waste containers.  This focusses on an orange bag with two compartments which residents can use to carry the recyclable material to the shared collection points.  This service is explained in a separate leaflet, also attached, which will only be delivered to those properties affected.

Finally, a reminder that in future cardboard for recycling will be collected from the kerbside, the temporary Bring Banks for cardboard will be removed towards the end of March.  Stickers informing residents will be placed on the banks at least two weeks in advance of their removal to limit any inconvenience.  The same process will also apply to the removal of Bring Banks for plastics, which were brought in as an interim measure before plastics were included in kerbside recycling.  The Bring Bank service was extended for as long as possible, but low tonnages, rising levels of contamination, increased collection costs and the falling value of plastics mean that it is no longer sustainable.

For further information please download the information below or contact Shropshire Council www.shropshire.gov.uk