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Normal Opening Hours

Public opening: Thursdays 10am - 12noon

Otherwise please telephone 01952 882172 or email us broseleytc_info1@btinternet.com from Monday to Thursday 9.30am to 2pm.

The office is closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but if you email us or leave a message on the answer machine we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Installation of the Gunturret; to be or not to be; that is the question!

At the July Town Council meeting Members considered where the Allen Williams gun turret should be located.

It was given to the Council by Ironbridge Power Station where it was once located and used in the Second World War.

It is one of 33 remaining turrets and is very well preserved.

The Royal British Legion would like it to be placed in or near to the Memorial Garden in the town centre to remind people of its importance during the war.

However, there are some people that do not support this idea because the Memorial Garden is considered as a special place of peace by local people.

Because of this dilemma the Council has decided there should be a public consultation.

So, if it should be installed in Broseley.

where would you like the turretto be placed?
Please either email the Town Clerk at:
broseleytc.clerk@btinternet.com, write to the Council, or take
your written comments into the Library Building addressed to The Town Clerk.

Citizen of the Year And Young Citizen of the Year

Do you know anyone who deserves to be awarded

Broseley’s Citizen of the Year?

If so, please nominate them for the award.  To qualify they must have made an outstanding contribution to Broseley and its community.

Each year the Town Council recognises the contribution of two dedicated individuals and awards one of them the title of

 “Citizen of the Year”

and one of them the title

“Young Citizen of the Year”

(must be under 18)

To nominate someone please complete a Nomination Form which is available from the Town Clerk’s office:

01952 882172 or broseleytc_info1@btinternet.com

or download from our website: www.broseleytowncouncil.co.uk


Broseley Town Council is a local authority whose members represent the residents of the parish of Broseley in Shropshire. The Council has 11 members, 6 representing Broseley East and 4 representing Broseley West and 1 for Broseley Wood. Members are elected every 4 years and carry out their duties on a voluntary basis.

Broseley Town Council provides the following services:

  • Broseley Library
  • Some street lighting.
  • The Birchmeadow Centre is owned by the Town Council and operated by the Birchmeadow Centre Management Committee.
  • The Cemetery for Broseley and the Cemetery Chapel, located on Ironbridge Road.
  •  www.visitbroseley.co.uk
  • The bus shelter in Edinburgh Road.
  • Guest Road Play Area
  • The Town Council supports a number of other facilities/events provided by not-for-profit organisations including:
    • Local C.A.B Service
    • Victoria Hall
    • Broseley in Bloom
    • Birchmeadow Park

*We are thankful to the late Jan Lancaster for her contribution to the images on the website.