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Broseley Town Council

Estate Committee

Please note the revised date for the JANUARY Estates Committee Meeting. It will now take place on the 8th January, 7pm, Birchmeadow Centre, Broseley.

Members of the Estate Committee include Councillors L.Garbett, M. Garbett (Chair), G. Goodall, A.Taylor the Mayor Burton and Deputy (I West) ex officio.

Estate Committee Agenda Mar 2019 Estate-Cttee-agenda-March-2019-FINAL.pdf 222.5 KB Estates Committee Agenda Jan 2019 Estate-Cttee-agenda-Jan-2019-DRAFT.pdf 162.5 KB Estate Committee Agenda Nov 2018 Estate-Cttee-agenda-Nov-18--2018-(2).pdf 171.1 KB Estate Committee Draft Minutes Sept 2018 Estate-Cttee-minutes-18-Sept---2018-(2).pdf 216.6 KB Estate Committee Minutes July 2018 Estate-Cttee-minutes-17th-July---2018.pdf 122.9 KB Estate Committee Minutes May 2018 Estates-Minutes-May-2018.pdf 3 MB Estate Committee Agenda Mar 2018 Estate-Cttee-agenda-20th-March---2018.pdf 187.8 KB Agenda January Estate-Cttee-agenda-16th-Jan---2018.pdf 38.6 KB Estate Committee Agenda Nov 2017 Estate-Cttee-agenda-21st-Nov---2017.pdf 99.9 KB Estate Committee Agenda Sept 2017 Estate-Cttee-agenda-19th-Sept---2017.pdf 158.8 KB Estate Committee Agenda July 2017 Estate-Cttee-agenda-18th-July----2017.pdf 156.6 KB Estate Committee Minutes June 2017 Estate-Cttee-minutes-6th-June---2017.pdf 183.4 KB Estate Committee Minutes Mar 2017 Estate-Cttee-minutes-21st-Mar---2017.pdf 181.3 KB Estate Committee Minutes Jan 2017 Estate-Cttee-minutes-17th-Jan---2017.pdf 182.5 KB Estate Committee Minutes November 2016 Estate-Cttee-minutes-15th-November---2016.pdf 171.4 KB Estate Committee Minutes Sept 2016 Estate-Cttee-minutes-20th-Sept-2016.pdf 178.8 KB Estate Committee Minutes May 2016 Estate-Cttee-minutes-17th-May-2016.pdf 160.9 KB Estate Committee Minutes Jan 2016 Estate-Cttee-minutes-18th-Jan-2016.pdf 190.1 KB Estate Committee Minutes Oct 2015 Estate-Cttee-minutes-19th-Oct-2015.pdf 181.2 KB