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Broseley Town Council

Membership Committees 2019/2020

Planning Committee – Councillors West (Chair) Burton, Childs, Goodall, Michael Garbett, and Simon Harris.

Estate Committee - Councillors Goodall (Chair), Michael Garbett, Taylor, Linda Garbett, Childs and Mark Garbett

Staffing Committee – Councillor Gavin Goodall (Chair) Tarlochen Singh Mohr, Ian West and Alan Taylor.



Asset Transfer Working Group: Councillors West, Mark Garbett, Harris, Burton and Singh-Mohr

Taylor Wimpey Liaison: Councillors West and Burton

Place Plan & Reserves Group: Councillors Harris, West, Mark Garbett, Michael Garbett, Childs and Burton

CCTV: Councillors Burton, Singh-Mohr, L Garbett and Mark Garbett.



Birchmeadow Centre Management Committee: Councillors Goodall and West

Birchmeadow Park Management Committee: Councillors Childs, Mark Garbett and Michael Garbett.
Victoria Hall Management Committee: Councillor Maltby

MUGA Group: Councillors Childs, L Garbett and Mark Garbett

Severn Gorge Countryside Trust: Mr A Cooke retains the 4 year appointment 

Bridgnorth and Shifnal Area Committee of SALC: Councillors West and L Garbett

Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site Steering Group Councillor A Taylor

JL Edwards Memorial Trust:Councillor G Goodall

Barrow Parish Council (attendee): Councillor Maltby